• Till we flock again….. In our sheep dreams…

    Till we flock again….. In our sheep dreams…

  • What we do …….
  • Marcel Mouton 2016 – Starfleece Command

    Another professional, Fab-ewe-lous & fantastical firework display. Eight minutes of visual delight, by Skyburst the Firework Company

    Skyburst have worked in partnership with Marcel Mouton & have displayed their marvellous skills at our Annual Family camping event for over 32 years

    Enjoy this view from a drone, of a sky firework tapestry,

    Contact- Skyburst The Firework Company, 11 Nelson Parade, East Street, Bedminster, Bristol. 0800 0744 636

    Big Love to Al & the Skyburst Team for all that ewe do x

  • ❤️? Love Ewe x ❤️?

    ❤️? Love Ewe x ❤️?

    2020 was the first time in 32 years we didn’t pack up our pens & head out for Marcel’s bewe-ti-ful family gathering in the great green

    The Bleat of Marcel continues & we want to thank all of ewe who have stepped up & kept on following the sheep. Just brilliant flockersl

    Marcel is still determined to play, & we will flock & party again together as soon as it is safe to do so!

    Watch this space & Follow the Sheep!!

    With all our love to you in these very strange times & sheep social distancin’

    B’aaaaaaaa ……….Lovin’ ewe from a distance

    ❤ Marcel Mouton ❤

  • Introducing ……. Flock DJ’s

    Plays ‘Vibeadelica’

    an eclectic mix of Flocking Flavours

    Sprinkling vibes from the

    Lil’ Spark Studio


    ? 2020 Solstice message to ewe from Planet Marcel ?

    Majestical solstice bleatings from Planet Marcel to ewe & all the flock! Sending light to shine for ewe & beckon in the New on this the shortest day.  As new rays shine on our year ahead we hope that you have frolickingly fine festive season & stay well throughout.

    Powered by the amazing conjunction of planets, the mighty Jupiter & glorious ringed Saturn may make a few fleeces spontaneously combust. We invite ewe to cast positive spells for our year ahead.  

    Marcel also had his first virtual AGM this year, the minnits are here for your reference.

    Have fun, stay well,

    With Love  ?  from Team Marcel ?


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