How it works

Would you like to join our flock to come to our summer event?

You need to be a member to get an invitation to the summer event. All you need is an existing member to propose you and to fill in our application form here. Membership is open to Adults over 19 (Mutton). Once you are confirmed as a member, you will receive invitations to our summer camping event and our other gatherings. Membership costs £10 per year for Adults and this pays for our storage, club expenses, event insurance and to pump primes our event each year. Fank ewe for supporting us lovelies! Marcel operates entirely voluntarily, not for profit, for the fun and pleasure of our members and all prices are as low as they can be to cover the event.

What about younger people?

Members can bring your young ones too:  Teenagers 13-19 (Hoggits) pay 50% for events, and Lambs (under 13) come free.

 Can anyone come along to our winter and spring events?

Yes, absolutely! Come and meet us at our Winter Solstice Party or our Spring Flocking to meet us and get involved. Details of our next party can be found here.

Can I get information about what is going on?

Yes, ewe can then sign up for information here and ewe will receive our Mailchimp messages about parties and our summer event.

Do I have to book to attend the summer event?

Yes. We need to know how many of ewe are coming and any meals ewe wish to order so that we can cater for ewe. You can pay at the gate, but it is cheaper to pay when you book.

Where and when are the events held?

In the higher dimensions. During the Summer some sheep-holes open up in the fleece-time continuum that allow faithful flockers to follow the sheep to their happy grazing grounds. We will email ewe if you sign up for information here. In May we gather for Spring Flocking and in December for our Winter Solstice gathering.

Can I volunteer?

Yes please!  We are always looking for help with our events. Not just on the day, but throughout the year. There is a load of work that goes on in the background to make this all happen. If you are interested in helping, please contact us. We need cooks, washer uppers, site builders, wood collectors, bar people, vans to transport equipment, storage, and creatives of all kinds.

Who runs the Marcel Mouton events?

We are a Membership Club known as the West of England Family Camping Club. Click here to see a copy of our Constitution.

What are the Club Rules?

Yeah sorry – we have to have rules and all members have to sign up to them. So you will be asked to sign up to these rules when becoming a member. You can also read our Club Constitution here. (Opens in a new window.)

Any more questions?

Please Contact us or stay in touch on Flockbook

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