The Legend

The Legend that is Marcel Mouton…

Way back in the mists of Wales, in a fank far, far away, began the joyful hedonistic journey of our fleecy friend, Marcel.

His quest – to bring happy flockers together in the great green. Bonded in beauty and wonder; to share unique adventures, bringing together visions, talents and creativity each year. So we may shine, frolic & entertain each other with boundless bleating, love and laughter in this unforgettable bucholic experience.

Founded in 1988, Marcel ‘s flock weave in and out of each other’s lives at our Winter Solstice Party and Spring Flocking, coming together for the Annual summer camping event, in the beautiful Welsh hills.

Marcel is managed by founding elders & a committee. Events are made possible by brilliant volunteers, from Event leaders, DJ’s, performers, Equipment donors & the Skyburst Firework Team – our gratitude to you all knows no bounds

We’ve delivered 32 Flockin’ Fab-ewe-lous Years………

2019 – Strictly Come Camping

2016 – Starfleece Command

2015 – Mouton Rouge

2013 – Planet Marcel

2010 – Essential Marcel

2009 – Baa’Lunderland

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