Club Rules

West of England Family Camping Club Rules and Code of Conduct
The West of England Family Camping Club AKA Marcel Mouton exists for the purpose of enjoyment of safe, happy and harmonious camping events and other social functions throughout the year. Members of the West of England Family Camping Club agree to abide by the following rules, terms and conditions:

  1. To come along to events in good heart to enjoy the fellowship of like-minded outward-bound camping families.
  2. To pay the Annual Membership fee by March 31st for each year of membership which is payable whether or not you come to the Camping Event to support the running of all aspects of the Club, and which are non-refundable in any year that you decide to leave the club.
  3. To pay camping and social event entry fees.
  4. To refrain from bringing any dogs or other pets (other than parrots) to the event.
  5. To take responsibility for your own health and safety and the health and safety of your children and guests at all events, bringing usual medication, first aid kits, bite ointments and sunburn prevention cream.
  6. To understand that the Club takes no responsibility for your vehicles, camping equipment of personal belongings whilst at Club events.
  7. To respect the property and privacy of all other campers
  8. To use the toilets provided (rather than relieving yourself in the field or surrounding countryside).
  9. To observe the country code, leaving no litter on the camping site, bringing rubbish bags and taking home all personal rubbish.
  10. To refrain from making individual campfires on the camp site, rather enjoying the main campfire along with fellow campers.
  11. To refrain from playing loud music after 12.00 pm in tents or vans.
  12. To observe appropriate personal boundaries with fellow campers avoiding any form of sexual harassment or lewd language.
  13. To volunteer help with either membership or event management tasks by offering help via the Club Secretary or Event Co-ordinator
  14. To help other Members who may have disabilities or care needs.
  15. To contribute creative ideas and activities to the event.
  16. To understand that if you breach these Rules that you may be asked to leave the event you are attending or if in serious, breach, to leave the Club altogether.
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